I have been inspired by the following photographers.  Take a spin over to the websites and enjoy their work also. Of course, when you are done looking around here!

The Photography of QT Luong at terragalleria.com

QT Luong celebrates the splendor and variety of the natural and human heritage with his photography. For the past twenty-five years, He has been privileged to travel, trek, and climb in some of the most remote and beautiful corners of the earth. Laying down in a colorful meadow dense with wildflowers, clinging precariously to a vertical icy mountain face, listening to the silence of desert sand dunes or to the calls of a bustling floating market might seem like very different experiences, however, he feels that they share the same life-affirming benefits. In a society where too many artificial sensory inputs are available, these simple experiences can make us feel more connected to the world. They give us a sense of beauty, chaotic order, and liveliness that enrich our lives. Through his photography, He has tried to convey these feelings of wonder and passion to the viewers. Favoring clarity and truthfulness, He seek to give a sense of place and time by letting the viewer experience through the images as much as he saw himself. He likes to emphasize beauty, as he feel that aesthetic appreciation will lift our soul and eventually lead to awareness and respect for the natural and cultural diversity of our planet. "© QT Luong/terragalleria.com"

The Photography of Thomas D Mangelsen at mangelsen.com

 Ask most people how they feel about getting up before dawn to head off to work and you're more than likely to hear a long-winded mumbling and grumbling, uttering the dread of a crowded morning commute. For Tom Mangelsen, meeting the sunrise is a lifelong passion, one that has carried him to the farthest corners of the earth in search of bald eagles, polar bears, Bengal tigers, and African lions.

As one of the premier nature photographers in the world, Tom has made a name for himself by sticking by the standards that many nature photographers have long since abandoned in the dawn of computer-generated images and rent-an-animal farms. A purist to the end, Tom does not digitally-manipulate his images, and is vehemently opposed to photographing animal models in game farms. Instead, he focuses on three main elements to capture the ideal photograph: Patience, light, and behavior.  © 2013 Thomas D. Mangelsen, Inc.