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Created 19-Mar-13
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Elk CowYellowstone National Park Fishing Cone West Thumb Lake GeyserYellowstone National Park West Thumb GeyserYellowstone National Park West Thumb Geyser LakeYellowstone National Park LakeYellowstone National Park LakeGrey JayClark's NutcrackerClark's NutcrackerBisonYellowstone National Park Lake E C Waters WreckYellowstone National Park LakeRavenYellowstone National Park River Hayden ValleyHydaspe FritillaryCoyoteYellowstone National Park Lower Falls CanyonYellowstone National Park Silver Cord CascadeHayden Valley Bison along the YellowstoneFight in Hayden Valley

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Kristy Bunting(non-registered)
Beautiful, fantastic and truly breath taking!!
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